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March 29, 2014

4 Biofeedback Games for Reducing Stress, Anxiety, and Becoming More Focused

New to the market. Europe’s bestselling biofeedback game creators have made their games available for distribution across America.
COMM Studios announces STONE, Europe’s bestselling biofeedback game system to America It’s four games include: Instant Relaxation – This is a breathing exercise game guided by your heart; Crystal Clear-A game that helps you focus your thoughts; Inner Energy- A guided meditation; and a the Bonus game Mental Magic- A fun game where you use your mind to control a racecar on a track. Play and compete with friends and family.
Palm Beach, Florida – March 29, 2014 – COMM Studios today announced STONE-Europe’s bestselling biofeedback game now available for distribution across America.
Marek Jacenko, cofounder and CEO of said,” With the level of stress I’ve seen in men in America, these biofeedback games should go flying off the shelves.”
What makes STONE unique is that it’s easy to use and the results can be measured immediately because the user places a sensor on his or her earlobe or finder and it measures the heartbeat as you play the games.
Playing these biofeedback games help people to manage their thoughts and control their levels of stress.
Learn to control your thought and emotions and you will earn points in the game, and best of all you will be more focused and able to concentrate. The games can help children or adults with ADD and ADDHD to be more productive.
When someone who has not been able to focus and concentrate for a long time learns better skills of self-management and focus, improved results lead to improved self-esteem. Imagine a product that can help you get more done and feel better about yourself and you’ve got STONE.
Stone is sold in two versions. One version is this home version, the other is a PRO Version, often purchased by professionals including psychologists and coaches for working with their clients.
Stone Home version with a suggested retail price $147, and the PRO version, with a suggested retail price of $197. STONE is available through (

Additional information available at

About Company
The Company has been designing mind training devices in Europe for 11 years. To date they have developed 3 mind-training devices with a large collection of software and games.
Our mission is make the world a better place to live by helping people manage their emotions ad control their stress. We will improve people’s productivity by helping them concentrate and become more focused.


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